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Will AI replace RI (Real Intelligence)?

The short answer is not today but as we rely on technology more and more and stop using our brains to remember facts because it is too easy to look things up online. As a result, like a muscle the brain goes into atrophy making us dumber as a species.

The reality is that the smart thinking work is being given to learning machines and although their processes and algorithms are made by smarter humans, we are abdicating our responsibility to think for ourselves and check facts.

My house Doctor will tell you that looking up medical symptoms online is:

  1. Only going to show results for the most searched or common ailments

  2. Overlook some very subtle signs and symptoms a doctor would inherently look for

  3. Offer a potentially incorrect and life-threatening diagnosis

  4. Scare you unnecessarily with the worst diagnosis

  5. Piss off your doctor when you tell him what is not wrong with you after being up all night

The same applies to andy AI driven process, machines at this point are very logic based and do not understand feeling, social pressure or faith. The reason is that one’s “GUT” is difficult to quantify but gives us clues that are not logical and often counter intuitive. To put is simply machines need to think creatively and question their own answers with “Artificial Doubt” or AD and then apply logic and modelling with doubt is its calculations.

This undermines the foundation of current AI making YouTube show an ad for a Bedazzling Kit before a video labelled “Chrome Cherry” plays on the app. Now if the user was moonlighted as a drag queen and his stage name was Chrome Cherry and had an open Amazon cart with size 14 heels awaiting payment one would understand the ad placement. BUT, Bryan is a devout catholic mechanic from Boston and the video is of a Cherry Red Mustang doing a burnouts. My Gut would say a Ford Mustang ad would be a better fit for Bryan.

Even simply put 1 and 1 is logically 2, but creatively could be 11. We want the AI to create more answers than it deems necessary or that logic dictates and then make a best guess using more facts and data history. Artificial Intelligence will only become better than Human Intelligence once it becomes as flawed as Us.

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