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Why Augmented Reality is the Next Big Thing…

To set this up I am referring to wearable audio-visual technology that one would use like reading glasses. Similar to the VR headsets available from Samsung and Oculus, Google Glass gave you mobile phone like functionality projected on clear wearable glasses giving you a information layer over what you see and hear.

Google glass was launched to the public 5 years ago and in my opinion, was the biggest and most exciting thing to have happened in the mobile technology space at the time. This form of “Augmented Reality” is in its infancy but will enhance our daily lives beyond what we have even begun to have imagine.

Firstly, with mobile camera technology advancing at the rate it is we will be able to see more of our world in our day to day lives. This will help the visually impaired and improve visibility for drivers and pilots in poor weather conditions. Imagine patching into your cars park sensors on a misty night to be able to see in front of you like Daredevil ™. Heavy machine operators can be more in touch with their vehicle and operating limits with access to multiple viewing angles simultaneously. Allow workers to see and better orientate themselves in high risk environments such as burning oil wells or in a gun battle.

From an education perspective this would potentially allow anyone to attend schools and higher learning institutions via VR from there living room. Surgeons would be able to have live streams from bio-metric scanning equipment such Ultrasound, CT and MRI scanners simultaneously while patching info layers with feedback from other specialists assisting with an operation from anywhere in the world.

What is needed is a lightweight, reliable, wearable and accessible headset that is or can patch into a mobile device such as a cell phone. One could interact though a mobile touchscreen such as a phone, eye or hand gestures as you do with smart TV’s or even a smart pen. The reality is the technology is there and someone like Samsung or Apple need to have another bash at this with a real-life application as mentioned above to make it work.

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