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Video ads the double edge sword

Most people do not like video advertising regardless of channel as it is delaying them from watching the content they wanted to in the first place and 9/10 times they do not need to change their mobile carrier unless they can stop ads from appearing in their YouTube videos?!!!

With Internet TV channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and Amazon prime, satellite TV marketing is becoming less and less relevant. With middle and upper-class viewership dwindling in countries such as South Africa, small to medium advertisers are now exclusively advertising on social media and YouTube to get effective market reach.

This ongoing development has both advantages and disadvantages. The challenge is that an industry where less money is spent cannot support as many jobs, web ads are loaded often by unskilled people which often means less relevance to the consumer making ads less effective. The TV marketing channel will see a smaller market share and thus will need fewer people to manage campaigns. These few people will have to work harder and change the way they do things to just maintain their effectiveness to their existing clients.

I am not a profit of doom, Traditional TV will still make a fortune on live sport events and News, but the golden era is over and the online version of themselves will need to become their primary focus to avoid a situation where the tail is wagging the dog and they start laying-off good staff just to keep the light on.

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