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Using Digital for Education

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

There are literally thousands of training programs, webinars and self-help videos online to educate, inform and bring users up to speed on some very complex issues and topics. What I find interesting is that the “big guns” such as Google, Facebook and YouTube have not got digital employment and empowerment programs that a novice user can access, educate themselves and start earning money online.

In the case of social media there are a thousands of videos uploaded daily that need moderation and until AI is smarter than us, which will not be too long surely Google+, YouTube and Facebook can do an online drafting program to drag net intelligent, hardworking and unemployed youth to help them moderate there advertisers and users content though a simple unified digital training program setup to weed out the drift digital wood from the power users to be.

With millions spent on video advertising online alone thousands of advertiser’s ads get rejected every day by AI for showing too much skin or misunderstood copy and when advertisers try and resolve these issues, it can take weeks and often the client is left to foot the bill to rework and resubmit the content. I find this both time consuming and frustrating as you realize you are in a system that is overly logical and cautious. You wish you could pick up the phone and just speak to a human moderator that will understand that the dress you are selling on your Facebook store is form fitting and due to the colour was incorrectly flagged for nudity.

Not only was I born and bred in Africa I know how many fantastic, dynamic and hard-working people this continent has that would be an asset to almost any industry just given a little opportunity. In Africa often things do not work are outdated. This has bred a unique character trait I have seen in every African country I have been to, to problem solve and make do with very little. It would not take an industrial physiologist, a professional educator and a digital Guru very long to develop a few short tests to quickly isolate and pinpoint individuals that can be huge asset to an organization with a solid educate to work program.

It will take one big corporate to sink some money into developing this as a project and I am confident the concept will work... Google?

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