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Life AC – After COVID-19:

Firstly, “after COVID-19” does not mean when the virus is gone. Most Infectious Disease Specialists believe this virus will be with us for many years to come, either in its current or mutated form. We are in a new normal of ongoing social distancing at home, work, and play.

So the big question on everyone’s mind is what does our future after COVID-19 look like?

1. From a health perspective we can expect future generations to be inoculated against COVID-19 the same as we are against measles.

2. From a career perspective we can expect new remote and autonomous working practices.

3. Expect to see serialisation tunnels at entrances of large corporations and public spaces, like metal detectors.

4. Businesses will need to adapt their products and services to be digitally accessible.

5. Where possible implement a mobile workforce and workplace until remote-controlled Avatars are more accessible.

6. Large businesses would need to reshape their supply chain and loosen contracting in alignment with SME’s by supporting more small businesses, which are more likely to be around when this pandemic is over.

On a positive note, as with the end of WWII, the world experienced phenomenal economic growth, as people felt safe again and started to “move”. We can also expect an economic resurgence and businesses that survive COVID-19 will already be setup and operational for the bounce back. Any change forces movement, and although it can be hard, it facilitates evolution and improves us as a species.

As an Entrepreneur I do not have massive overheads, or a few large suppliers at risk locked in with restrictive bureaucracy. The key to business survival right now is agility. Use everything at your fingertips and MacGyver the hell of it.

We are about to crawl out an eerie ocean, breathe air, learn to stand and live large above the bones of the old-world business.

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