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Is TV marketing still relevant to digital citizens?

With the variety of streaming media options available to digital citizens these days I ask the question: “Is TV marketing still relevant?”

To be honest I have not actively watched the evening “prime time” news on TV for over 5 years for 3 main reasons:

1. Its Depressing

2. Not all relevant

3. Often bias

Other than morbid curiosity is there really any reason for me to watch some disaster unfold on live TV 10 000 miles away? And although I wish the poor kids in Africa would get some relief from absolute suffering I am realistically not going to have any impact on their lives by re-Tweeting some privileged humanitarian drivel for the selfish reason of showing my friends what a nice person i am.

The evening News was always the “money maker” for marketers, but where do they go these days when users read the news online ignoring the ads like dull wallpaper. Even satellite TV viewership is dwindling in favor of streaming international shows free of ads?

The answer is Social Media and Search marketing where brand budget is blown on a little TV and display advertising to just bump brand recognition. The most relevant and effective ads you will find will be via search and social media as with most things big brother is recording your activity online and using it to help you spend your money.

It amazes me how much personal information people are willing to part with to a complete stranger hell bent on taking their money via marketing. All this so they can post a photo of a cat wearing a party hat your partners hairdresser’s wall on their birthday that Skype reminded you about… I forget why are we “friends” with Sharon?

Welcome aboard the big brother marketing train, final stop somewhere even more exciting!

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