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Breaking Bad Referrals.

We all know someone who is a great friend or client, who sends along their friend or contact that apparently does plenty of work and can resolve your specific needs. So, we trust our friend or client, because we will get someone as good as him or her, right? …Wrong!

Referring someone to your network for business is a great way to extend your value chain BUT, anyone you refer in business is always a direct reflection on you and your business.

Nowadays, too many people do favours for friends and family and refer them without checks and balances which inevitably results in a breach of trust.

As professionals, we can only aspire to have all the answers and assist where we can, but with business referrals it is important to know who you are backing. Referrals should be held to a high standard and people always associate that high standard with you, in business and in your brand.

If you cannot answer yes to this non-negotiable checklist, you cannot endorse your contact and refer them to your professional network:

1. Have you ever made use of their product or service yourself?

2. Have you ever encountered problems with the quality of work they were paid to do?

3. Was the work completed within the timelines agreed upon by both parties?

4. Is their pricing fair for the quality, speed, and efficiency of the work they offer?

If you are not 100% certain of your friend or contact’s reputation rather tell your network that you don’t trust anyone who would be able to assist them right now.

And should this friend or contact be brave enough to ask why you have not referred them, just be kind with feedback - free of prejudice, assumption and supported by facts. If they take your constructive criticism like a champ, they will use it as an opportunity to up-skill and improve their value offering.

Now that is a win-win for everyone involved.

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