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  • Curtis Bantjes

Allow me to dismantle your Wantrepreneur excuses.

Ever wonder why you’re not earning money from your hobby or passion? The answer is real simple, you’re making excuses.

Self-sabotaging is saying you’re not skilled enough, confident enough, have enough time or that you won’t earn enough to pay the bills - If that’s your mindset, you’re in need of some tough love.

So here it goes, your BS excuses and my solutions:

1. BS: “I don’t have the skills.” CB: Google. Learn. Practice. Ask a friend. Find a mentor.

2. BS: “It’s hard!” CB: Welcome to the life of any entrepreneur. Nothing worth doing is ever

easy, so just start.

3. BS: “It does not pay” CB: All successful entrepreneurs had to give up a few luxuries for something better down the road. Sacrifice things until you figure out how it can pay.

4. BS: “It’s not worth the effort”

CB: Then you don’t want it enough.

It is the dream of most people to earn money from their hobby or passion, but the reality is that most people end up in a job that they are often good at, that affords them the means to do what they love. Most entrepreneurs who start their own business do so out of opportunity, not passion, and that is the keyword right there… start. You cannot do what you want if you do not start.

So… how do you start? Here are the steps to starting, from top to bottom:

1. Get your head in the game with an: “I’m doing this!” attitude

2. Prioritise your time for your personal development and new venture.

3. Learn to sacrifice things such as socialising, luxuries and phone upgrades.

4. Research and plan, but do not use planning as a roadblock to start.

5. Set a starting date for your business and STICK TO IT.

6. Start now. Make mistakes. Rather learn from them now than later.

7. Be useful and always add value so you maximise your time and impact.

8. If you are not sure how you can help a potential client, ASK!

9. Leave them with something, a good idea and a hint of how to get there.

10. Keep momentum. Set follow-up meetings and again, STICK TO IT.

Treat your life like business and terminate unprofitable, poor performing relationships. Talk to other SUCESSFUL entrepreneurs or small business owners. Be the dumbest person in the room, so you can elevate your game.

You need to have fun on the way but be honest with yourself be prepared to sacrifice things to make it happen.


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