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A socially distant future...

In the month of April 2020 while sitting at home in a full COVID-19 induced lock-down I am thinking of how my businesses will continue in a socially distanced future. Unfortunately for many this global pandemic has meant loss of financial security, plans put on hold and worst of all loss of life.

Many argue that this virus will still kill fewer people than all the car accidents in the world and that the economic impact of the global lockdown will be far worse than the human loss from exposure to the virus through normal everyday life. The fact is that driving in a car is probably the most life-threatening activity any person can do today, but it is a calculated risk backed by the assumption that everyone is maintaining their cars with a service plan and following all the rules of the road. As we know car accidents happen when 1 or more of these assumptions are incorrect.

Comparing the risk of death from the COVID-19 virus with driving a car is like comparing being in a crowded park and shooting an arrow into the air vs. into a target. There are risks with both, but with COVID-19 you are shooting into the air and have no idea where that arrow will land and the damage it may cause. We do not know the long-term effects of this virus on the human body, how it may mutate in the future or if we will ever be rid of it.

The reality is the world was not in a good place before COVID-19, but this pandemic has shown us that we can unite as a global village behind a single cause. Being selfish complacent and not following the rules can kill people. We must all change the way we think, work, and live with a renewed perspective of what is a good life. We do not need most of the “stuff” we thought we did, and joy is with us in the small everyday things we overlooked in our “Before COVID”/BC lives.

Anticipation, validation, and gratification can be found in the smallest of everyday life when you slow down enough to notice them. Pay it forward, enjoy the anticipation of having a video call with a friend or family member. Validate their work, contribution and/or sacrifices and show your gratitude for them in video by mentioning the positive impact they and/or what they do has in your life. It is a win/win and it does not cost much!

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